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For over two decades (and still counting!) our company, A&P Pump Service and Well Drilling LLC, has been the leading water well & drilling company responsible for a majority of the quality water well services throughout all of Deschutes County, Oregon! A common question our water well experts are asked is how have we managed to not only provide general water well services, such as water well pump installations & repairs or water well drilling & system design, at an affordable rate but also maintain a quality in our service standard day in and day out, from the beginning. Our answer, while simple, is still deep-rooted in our company's belief that quality and consistent services should be synonymous with one another and also that knowing efficient, affordable water well systems are in a larger sense, the backbone of our entire economy here in Oregon.

Water Well Systems For Every Property Type!

Commercial, residential, industrial, or agricultural property types notwithstanding, a peak-performing water well system is something that every property owner should have! Taking into account that the agricultural industry is one of the more prevalent industries here in Oregon, it's only natural that there are advancements and improvements in the industry that are designed to optimize water yield, preservation, or purification and we've made it one of our company's missions here to stay ahead of the proverbial curve in order to provide our clientele with the very best in terms of water well, pump services.


Water pH levels & potability testing available!

Our water well system specialists here at A&P Pump Service and Well Drilling are highly proficient at harvesting, sampling, and analyzing elements of your property's water supply to test against pathogens, bacteria, hazardous residues, microbes, and much, much more!

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Did you know that the average household here in Oregon consumes close to 200 gallons per day in water?

By and large, a property's water well, pump systems are effective "machines" that provide a wealth of useful functions, such as water renewal, purification, rationing, and the all-important one, modernized plumbing! When one or multiple components of these systems fail or otherwise become compromised, it can be a tremendous detriment to the inhabitants of the property; especially agricultural or residential properties. With that in mind, we are proud to offer our extensive experience in the water well industry in a variety of capacities in order to ensure all of our neighboring communities here in Deschutes County and Clamuth County, Oregon. For example, we are quite frequently enlisted to help with water well system designs and installations, as well as installing and maintaining the corresponding systems designated with the water well: pumps, motors, and hardware.



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Premium Water Pump Services

Pumping System Services include: pump installation, pump repairs, pumping system design, pump maintenance, pump inspections, and pump upgrades.

Taking into account the diversity we enjoy with our clientele type (and in turn, their properties), whether they're residential, agricultural, or commercial clients, we've made it one of our company's "selling points" to be the leading authority on a vast array of pumping products. Whether your property needs a specialty pumping system that's custom-designed, or if you're seeking a one-stop shop for general pumping services, you've reached the right water well and pump company in A&P Pump Service and Well Drilling LLC!


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