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When one of our clients, regardless if they are an agricultural, residential, or commercial property owner, is seeking world-class water services, such as, water well drilling, and water pump upkeep, they often utilizze to our company because we combine generations of experience alongside a genuine desire to provide our Oregon neighbors with quality water services. We understand that each property and it's subsequent watering system is as unique as the customer who owns it, which is why we place so much emphasis on our company's flexibility, versatility, and innovations!

Commercial | Residential | Agricultural

For decades, we have been the leading contractor in Deschutes County and Clamuth County , Oregon for premium well services, including installations, designs, and repairs.

Commercial | Residential | Agricultural

As a part of our ongoing effort to be Deschutes County, Oregon's one-stop shop for property water services, we are proud to offer extensive water pump services!

Commercial | Residential | Agricultural

Ensuring your property's water is potable and fresh is something that our water specialists here at A&P Pump Service and Well Drilling take very, very seriously!

Property Assessments

Properly mapping and designing a property's water well and pumping system that is absolutely crucial for a property, regardless if the property in question is a larger, commercially sized property or it's smaller, residential counterpart. With that in mind, our water well and pump specialists here at A&P Pump Service and Well Drilling are without peer in terms of experience and water service ingenuity!

Unsure if your property's pumping system is functioning ideally?

As many of our residential AND commercial clients here in Deschutes County, OR will attest to, having a business or home's water pump break or malfunction is a very real issue, with very real consequences. For example, many of our clients are proud owners of agricultural properties that are heavily reliant upon clean, free-flowing water; which is absolutely essential to their livelihood. When a component or an aspect of the agricultural property's water pump is not functioning properly, it can quickly devolve into a disastrous and often costly, situation. That's where our pump inspections and preventative maintenance come in!

How WE Can Help YOU

We strive to provide our customer and communities here in Deschutes County, OR with the very best options for their property's water supply. Ranging from water well drilling and installation services to water pump maintenance the property water system services we are ecstatic to have pioneered are as extensive as they are high-quality!


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