About Us

Welcome to A & P Pump Service

A & P Pump Service Based in La Pine Oregon is your source for all pumped water needs. We service residential, commercial and agricultural customers installing everything from simple well pumps for your home to complex agricultural pivot systems, and everything in between.

A & P Pump Service is owned and operated by Paul & Allison Pochatko, a long time family owned business. We provide water pump service to Bend, Redmond, Prineville, Sunriver, La Pine, Burns, Klamath Falls, Crescent, Gilchrist, Christmas Valley, Ft. Rock and all the homes, businesses and hamlets in between

Our Company's Mission

When it concerns something as imperative as clean, potable water that is supplying a property, regardless of size, scale, or dimension, having a company on hand that is extremely knowledgeable and has real field experience in the water well industry is absolutely vital. Ensuring a home, business, farm, or any other property type, has a properly working pumping system can be an arduous task for uninitiated or inexperienced. Which is why we strive to inform all of our residential, commercial, and agricultural neighbors about our extensive and in-depth water system coverage; including water well drilling & design, water pump inspections & installations services!


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